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Al Kamda Investment

Established in 1984 by  our chairman Mr. Saeed Mohammad Al Kamda,    as a Sole Proprietorship, Al Kamda Investments is   active in a wide spectrum of industry sectors  with major interests in the Real Estate, both Commercial and Residential. A major chunk of our investments  comprises of  realty leasing. With our own maintenance and management  team to look after our properties and tenants, we have successfully forged relationships that span over decades.  We respect our tenants, investors and customers  wherein lies our success.

We  venture  capital investment,  recognizing and capitalizing on potential opportunities that arise from studying industry trends and economic conditions as well as through a direct approach from private entrepreneurs or enterprises seeking to partner with us. We are open to new ideas and ventures that are creative and well-researched.

 Al Kamda Investment has  a passionate belief   in Dubai’s growing and leading international status and  we are committed to enhancing this status  to the best of our sources.

Mr. Saeed Mohammad Al Kamda